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Doing Together What I Can’t Do Alone

An alarming reality, the fastest-growing demographic for suicide in New Mexico is youth ages 10-14. Why is this? We can wax poetic all day long. But in many ways all the reasons can be found in some form of loneliness.

Philippians 4:13-14- I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles. – NLT.

These verses reflect the heart of everything we do at LifeQuest.
All staff and volunteers (and I’m equally sure everyone reading this) have experienced times of doubt, self reliance, and loneliness. We forget that through HIS (Christ’s) strength, all things are possible, and that together, sharing in each others troubles, we can finish the race set before us.
Not in our strength alone, but in Christ’s strength, together.

Please take a few minutes to browse the various ways LifeQuest is striving to reach youth throughout NM.

Showcase 1

The 4:13 Journey

As we wrap up our fourth semester of The 4:13 Journey this Fall, we have had 4 amazing groups of young men and women join us on this journey. Since our launch in the spring of 2021 we’ve had 62 students join us. Part of the 4:13 Journey is going to Glorieta for a weekend adventure that stretches our boundaries and builds our trust in each other.
We are excited as the planning of Farmington and Las Cruces classes take shape for this adventure!
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“I wish I could say my son was not at risk to be incarcerated. As a mom, I wanted a healthy upbringing for my child. But circumstances led to an abusive relationship with my ex-husband and finding my young children hiding in closets and under beds…
Finding LifeQuest was an answer to prayer. Knowing he was exposed to a real experience of thriving through adversity has brought me to tears many times. He learned life skills from people who have been where he has been opened his ears and heart to hear the teaching and feel the love…
It’s not that we don’t have struggles… We now have open communication and ways he can regulate his anger. I’ve seen him change spiritually…

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Showcase 2


LifeQuest was able to present the Ready4Life program from Straight Ahead Ministries in not one, but TWO secure facilities this year!
It was an inspiring time with the 46 clients that were able to join our staff and volunteers.
Ready4Life is an innovative positive youth development curriculum that prepares youth for a successful transition into healthy adulthood.
This curriculum goes beyond traditional life skills training and focuses on an individual’s “way of being” and thinking.

“First of all I want to say that I am really thankful for your groups, it meant a lot to me. I learned a lot of meaningful things, the ready4 life seminar has really helped me to change my mindset. It was a really good group.” – 2019 Attendee

Showcase 3

Christmas Care Kits

Christmas 2021 was absolutely thrilling getting to distribute the Christmas Care Kits at Pizza Parties with our volunteers! LifeQuest, with Christ the King Church, were able to provide 136 kits to 8 Juvenile Facilities.
Each year we receive emails from the facilities –
“Each client got some pizza, cookies, soda, and the LifeQuest goodie bag. All the clients were appreciative of what they received and have asked when LifeQuest can come back in person. They all know it’s contingent on Covid but are looking forward to your return. They were all excited about receiving stuff for Christmas. It really brought up morale too. Thank you so much for everything!” – JPTC 2020
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Showcase 1


In Albuquerque we have 35 mentees and 9 mentors. The harvest in New Mexico is ripe but the workers are currently few.
Mentorship has blown up and the need is there. In Las Cruces we have 7 mentees and 1 mentor that juggles all of the needs that go with youth who are learning how to find their identity (including something as simple as obtaining their Government issued ID) and to find their footing in society.

Showcase 2

Bible Studies

LifeQuest Bible Studies are in person full time! We have 6 weekly studies. On average 8 clients attend each study.
“Bible studies have turned into real life
questions and there is no lesson that can’t be converted into an amazing conversation. The other day Spirit of God was revealed. A client asked to read out loud a scripture that had just jumped out
of the pages to him. 1 Peter 4:12- We highlighted it, talked about it, and then I pointed at my notebook. It was the next scripture we were going to
discuss and there was no way he saw what I wrote down before coming in that day. These studies
have been a blessing to us all. I can’t wait to get back in and continue where we left off as we
pursue to know the enemy as much as we know our self.”
– Josh

Showcase 3

Facility Programming

Other group programming includes Tutoring, Character Development Group, and Recovery Group.

Showcase 1

4:13 Journey at the Grand Canyon

Twenty 4:13 participants went on the Capstone adventure at the Grand Canyon in April.

Sixteen hiked from the rim to the river – over 17 miles..

There is an amazing feeling that comes when you have accomplished something you thought impossible.
Together we can learn to depend on God and the impossible becomes possible.
When we learn we are not alone, all things are possible.

Showcase 2

2022 Golf Tournament

LifeQuest’s 9th Annual Charity Golf Classic was fabulous! It was held at the beautiful Canyon Club. We had over 170 golfers at the Tournament and were excited to partner with so many community sponsors!
The 2023 Tournament planning is underway!

Showcase 3

4:14, The Continuing Journey

After two amazing 4:13 classes we realized that there needed to be an opportunity for the youth to go deeper in what they had learned and continue the relationships they had started.
Our leadership said “what does Philippians 4:14 say?”
“Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles.”
So 4:14 – The Continuing Journey was born.
The weekly group meets to encourage and walk alongside each other through the adventures of life with its ups and downs. All youth who attended The 4:13 Journey are welcome to join 4:14, which meets weekly.

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