The 4:13 Journey: Courses

Taking youth on a journey of discovery, using the spirit of adventure and the challenge of the great outdoors as a catalyst to help them develop strong character so they can reach their highest potential!

Registration For ABQ Fall 2022 classes are now on a waiting list, please fill out the app and we will contact you with further details.

The Fall Semester will run on Mondays from August 22, 2022, through November 19, 2022. Classes meet in the evenings for 2 hours. Call 505-341-9383 with questions. Once registration is received, details will be emailed to the parent’s listed email.

Classes fill up fast.

12-Week ‘Adventure-Based Education Program’

  • Teaching 12 strong character qualities
  • Six adventure outings per 12-week class (adventures include a ropes course, rappelling, rock climbing, hiking, and music session camp)
  • Semi-annual capstone adventure
    (Grand Canyon Hike every Spring/Fall; six-week additional training program for Grand Canyon –The Spring hike is set for April 22, 2022. Anyone who participated in the Spring or Fall 2021 classes can sign up to go on this hike by March 2, 2022 by contacting the office)
  • Co-Ed Middle and High School Classes
    – 12-15 students per class
    – Small groups of 4-5 in each class
    – Small groups also perform community service together
    – Spring and Fall Sessions