November Newsletter

November 5, 2021
Dear Friends,
Merry Christmas! Wait, does it seem too early to say that? At LifeQuest it’s never too early. We are thinking about Christmas and blessing those youth that are incarcerated over the holidays. It’s so, so difficult to be locked up over Christmas which is just one of the numerous reasons we provide Christmas Care Kits to the youth A tradition that we have held for over 20 years.

It’s not just that we want to encourage and bless the youth at this time of year. We
want them to know WHY Christmas is so important to us and WHY it should be important to them. That’s why each Christmas Care Kit includes not just fun stuff like socks, snacks and a puzzle book, but a Bible and pamphlets explaining the true
meaning of Christmas. Every year hearts are touched and this year will be no different.

It only happens through your generosity and giving that we can do this each year.
Would you please consider making a donation and returning it in the enclosed envelope or going online to and making a donation? Jesus said “Whatever you do unto the least of these you do unto me.” Believe me when I tell you that these young men and women can very easily be described as “the least of these.”

Also, an update! We just returned from taking our first group of The 4:13 Journey
youth to the Grand Canyon for the first Cap Stone Hike. It was unbelievable! I will tell you more about that trip next month.

The LifeQuest unBanquet has been extended through the end of November! Please remember that we have a $25,000 matching gift so every dollar you give is doubled
through the first $25,000! We need your continued support and prayers! We ARE
reaching New Mexico youth!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!