Fall Newsletter

“All Scripture is inspired by God and beneficial for teaching, for rebuke, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, so that the man or woman of God may be fully capable, equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Dear Friends:

LifeQuest has been under FIERCE spiritual attack recently. And that has been a very good thing. Now please don’t misunderstand me. There is NOTHING fun about spiritual attack. It makes you angry and sad and confused and may even bring about heartbreak. However, after 25 years of doing what I’m doing I also know it means the enemy is terrified of what he sees happening at LifeQuest. Youth are hearing the Gospel and being discipled. They are hearing truth shared in the context of  love and relationship. And Scripture says that the enemy comes to “steal, kill, and destroy.” I know that Satan and his minions desire deeply to destroy the work of LifeQuest.

It’s not going to happen.

How do I know that with great confidence? Because where God leads God provides. That’s time, treasure, talent, AND protection. And this organization, this MINISTRY, belongs to Him. Not me, not my Board of Directors, not my staff, not my volunteers. It belongs to God. God loves these kids he puts in front of us far more than we could ever love them. And our job, our commandment is to love them, serve them, and teach them according to the Word of God, not according to our thoughts or feelings. If we get away from THOSE things we might as well close up shop.

We cannot and WILL NOT operate any other way while God has me leading this ministry. I commit that to you. I’ll fall short a hundred times but it will always be the goal. And we so appreciate your love, your prayers, and your support in our efforts to introduce one more youth to Jesus and to teach them to follow. Everything else is just “stuff.” Every program, every relationship, every event should be done with one sole purpose, seeing a young person come to know Jesus in a very personal and real way. If that’s not why we exist I don’t know what the reason is.

So please keep praying for us and supporting us. It makes all the difference.

Serving Together,

John D. Jones